National survey finds that a winter maintenance vehicle GPS/AVL system costs on average $3,843 to install and $39 per month in recurring costs per vehicle.

A synthesis on Global Positioning Systems/Automatic Vehicle Location Equipment (GPS/AVL) used for winter maintenance.

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Summary Information

A research project conducted by the Oregon DOT included a literature search and a survey of state and local agencies to collect information about available GPS/AVL equipment and how winter maintenance agencies are currently using it. Survey responses were collected from 36 individuals representing 26 states, four cities, one county and one manufacturer. The survey results provided a snapshot of the current uses of GPS/AVL by winter maintenance agencies, along with benefits and problems encountered.

Respondents reported using GPS/AVL hardware from nine manufacturers. Most respondents reported communicating data between trucks and agency servers using a cellular network, however a few reported using Wi-Fi or data radio systems. The most frequently reported uses of GPS/AVL data included making plowing and material application decisions, tracking data to create shift reports or summary information for managers, sharing information with other agencies or the public, and assigning staff during winter events.

According to the survey results, the average GPS/AVL system costs $3,843 to install and $39.30 in monthly recurring costs per vehicle.

System Cost

Truck GPS/AVL System Capital Cost: $3,843 per vehicle.