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This paper estimated the safety benefits of moving forward with a nationwide deployment of DSRC-based solutions to connected vehicle applications, as they are ready today, while continuing development of Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) alternatives, and then implementing a "dual-mode transition" to C-V2X if this technology proves to be a better solution in the future.

DSRC is a variant of Wi-Fi that has been optimized for mobile environments and direct communications between devices, without an intermediary access point. It is defined in the IEEE 802.11p standard.

C-V2X uses cellular direct device-to-device communications to create a wide-area network without the need for a cellular base station. C-V2X can support high vehicle high speeds (up to 250 kilometers per hour) and high density (thousands of nodes). The current standard for C-V2X was completed in September 2016.


The analysis estimated the potential benefits of moving ahead with DSRC connected vehicle solutions today followed by a "dual-mode transition" period where both DSRC and C-V2X are deployed. These benefits were then compared to the benefits lost if required to wait until C-V2X has matured or been proven better than DSRC before connected vehicle applications can be deployed.

Data from NHTSA web pages (NHTSA's NPRM for V2V Communications) and reports from (Preliminary Regulatory Impact Analysis, FMVSS No. 150, Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Technology for Light Vehicles) were used in the analysis.

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DSRC vs. Waiting for C-V2V: Lost Benefits and a Proposed Dual-Mode Solution
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