Macchietto, Carl; Mark Taylor; and Kellie Koedel
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Mast arm structures, including cantilevered signal supports, are often susceptible to fatigue cracking from the numerous oscillations caused by both normal and extreme winds. Vibration mitigation devices provide an alternative for Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and agencies to consider in lieu of larger poles, more steel, larger foundations, or other previous remedial measures. Such devices act to reduce wind induced vibration oscillations, keeping structure size and costs manageable and adhering to the minimum AASHTO fatigue design recommendations. The vertical metal tubes mount directly onto the end of the mast and utilize both eddy-current damping and pneumatic damping to effectively damper even high-amplitude mast arm movement.

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Vol. 88, No. 12
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Effective Mitigation of Wind Induced Vibration of Traffic Signal Structures and the AASHTO Specification
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