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The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) leads the New York City Connected Vehicle Pilot, which aims to improve the safety of travelers and pedestrians in the city through the deployment of V2V and V2I connected vehicle technologies. NYCDOT’s planned deployment provides an ideal opportunity to evaluate connected vehicle technology and applications in tightly-spaced intersections typical of dense urban transportation systems and is anticipated to be the largest connected vehicle technology deployment to date. The NYCDOT CV Pilot Deployment project area encompasses three distinct areas in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Approximately 5,800 cabs, 700 MTA buses, 400 commercial fleet delivery trucks, and 1,050 City vehicles that frequent these areas will be fit with the CV technology. As a city bustling with pedestrians, the pilot will also focus on reducing vehicle-pedestrian conflicts through in-vehicle pedestrian warnings and an additional V2I/I2V project component that will equip approximately 100 pedestrians with personal devices that assist them in safely crossing the street.
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USDOT Federal Highway Administration
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Connected Vehicle Pilot Positioning and Timing Report: Summary of Positioning and Timing Approaches in CV Pilot Sites
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