Galarus, D.; L. Koon; I. Turnbull; S. Campbell; and J. Pearce
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As transportation systems modernize, data quality is becoming an increasingly crucial consideration. This is particularly true for systems that actively provide traveler information. If users are given data that is out of date, inaccurate, or difficult to understand, they are much less likely to make use of it to inform their travel decisions, impeding the system's ability to facilitate mobility.

For this paper, sponsored by Caltrans and the Western States Rural Transportation Consortium, the research team conducted a survey of DOT practitioners in western states and performed a literature review on data quality within the transportation field. They documented best practices and formulated recommendations in the interest of analyzing and documenting existing best practices for data quality and the dissemination of traveler information.
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ITS Amercia Annual Meeting 2018
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An Analysis of Best Practices for DOT Traveler Information Data Quality
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