The cost to implement the pre-enhanced Arizona Department of Transportation 511 system was estimated at $355,000; operating costs for 2002 were estimated at $137,000.
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This report presents an analysis of the existing, pre-enhanced 511 traveler information system operated by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The cost presented represents the estimated cost to implement and operate the existing 511 system; however, it does not include the cost to develop the data gathering and fusion component of the overall system. The 511 number became operational in March 2002; the original toll-free number (1-888-411-ROAD) is still operational.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) sponsored a 511 Model Deployment project. ADOT along with other 511 partners were selected to receive funding for the national 511 Model Deployment. The 511 Model Deployment includes significant enhancements to the existing ADOT 511 system (e.g., the inclusion of new types of information, revised menu structure, voice recognition, and new marketing strategies). The model deployment began in August 2002 and is the implementation phase with operation scheduled for late 2003.

ADOT’s traveler information system has been operational since 1998. The system provides information on Interstates, U.S. Highways, and State Routes throughout Arizona. In addition, Phoenix and Tucson transit options are supported by transferring callers to the individual transit agency. Information is obtained using touchtone (keypad) menu selections. See figures below for the current ADOT 511 menu structure and system diagram. The primary source of information in the 511 system is from the Highway Condition and Reporting System (HCRS). HCRS is a statewide data fusion system that ADOT developed to coordinate highway closures and maintenance activities. Provision of this information to the traveling public was seen as a beneficial byproduct. HCRS is widely and frequently used by ADOT staff. Data is manually entered into HCRS at ADOT offices statewide over the Internet. Information from key fields in the HCRS form are automatically converted to synthesized speech messages by means of a text-to-speech process and made available through the 511 system. The 511 system is a highly automated system.

The costs excerpted from the report (see below) represent the cost of the existing, pre-enhanced 511 system. The cost associated with the development of HCRS as well as the recurring operations cost of HCRS are not included in the cost of the 511 system. Furthermore, the costs of 511 model deployment enhancements are not included.

The cost to implement the existing ADOT 511 system is estimated at $355,000. The cost includes the cost to develop the original (pre-enhanced) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system – “VRAS” (Voice Response Activated System) at $270,000, the cost of the original IVR hardware, software & engineering at $62,520, and the cost to convert the VRAS system from the ten-digit number to 511 at $22,500.

The annual costs to operate the existing 511 system were estimated at $137,000. The primary cost driver is the phone charges (e.g., toll-free number, transfers) at $102,000. Annual operational costs are kept low because the ADOT 511 system is highly automated and integrated with HCRS.


Original Voice-Response Activated System software development costs (including linkage to HCRS)
PathFinder IVR Advanced Configuration at 8 Voice Ports
Teleprompt IVR Module
Speech Recognition Package
Text-to-Speech – 8 Channels
Telelink (database interface)
Custom Development (12 hours)
Installation and Training (3 days)
ADOT Staff (40 hours)
Reprogramming of phone company switches to 511
Total Implementation Cost


Operations (Annual Cost)
Phone Charges (toll free, call transfers, etc.)
T-1 Line Rental (2 T-1’s, totaling 48 phone lines)
IVR System Support (contracted)
ADOT Staff (system administration, reporting, etc.)
Total Operations Cost

Click here for image of the existing ADOT 511 menu structure.

Click here for image of the existing ADOT 511 system diagram.

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Interim Analysis Report Model Deployment of a Regional, Multi-Modal 511 Traveler Information System

Interim Analysis Report Model Deployment of a Regional, Multi-Modal 511 Traveler Information System
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Burt, Matt, et al.
Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT

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System Cost

Pre-enhanced 511 system implementation cost: $355,020. Annual operating costs: $136,734.