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In 1998, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) created a network of freeway sensors in order to monitor traffic and track historical data. This system is named the Freeway Performance Measurement System (PeMS) and is hosted by the University of California - Berkeley. However, even in 2006, Caltrans employees were still using "Census Traffic Data" which was not generated through ITS methods and could be one to three years old instead of using PeMS and it's accompanying Archived Data User Service (ADUS). Caltrans decided to implement a training program for potential users, both Caltrans employees and MPO employees, that was a full day of training that included four classes on different uses of the PeMS data and tools to help them do their jobs. To expand awareness, over 34 training sessions were provided.

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2007 Archived Data User Services (ADUS) Workshop,Presented at the 86th Annual TRansportation Research Board Meeting.
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Nobody Is Going To Pick This Up By Themselves: Training is Important for ADUS Acceptance
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