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In 2004, the Maintenance and Operations Plan for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Kentucky was developed using substantial stakeholder input. The plan provides recommendations and specific strategies for supporting and coordinating ITS maintenance and operations activities throughout the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

A literature review and national survey was conducted to identify states and urban areas that had already completed work on ITS maintenance and operations. From this information, best practices were developed that represented the lessons learned and practices implemented (or suggested for implementation) by these states. Another survey was conducted to determine the current state of ITS maintenance and operations in Kentucky. A stakeholder forum was also held to identify problems and potential solutions related to ITS maintenance and operations. In summary, the project consisted of the following tasks: a literature review and national survey; development of best practices; assessment of current operations; a stakeholder forum, and development of the ITS maintenance and operations plan.

Based on the best practices, Kentucky's ITS maintenance and operations assessment survey, and data from the stakeholder forum, 41 specific recommendations were developed. These recommendations were organized into the following categories: planning/management of maintenance and operations; coordination and communications; documentation, tracking, monitoring, and evaluation; procurement; staffing, training, facilities, and equipment; funding; and contracting.
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Kentucky Transportation Center, University of Kentucky
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Maintenance and Operations Plan for Intelligent Transportation Systems in Kentucky
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