Jeffrey S. Hickman and Richard J. Hanowski
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The project provided an independent evaluation of a commercially available low-cost Driving Behavior Management System (DBMS). Participating drivers from two motor carriers (identified as Carrier A and Carrier B) drove an instrumented vehicle for 17 consecutive weeks while they made their normal, revenue-producing deliveries. During the four week baseline phase, the DBMS recorded safety-related events; however, the feedback light on the event recorder was disabled and safety managers did not have access to the recorded safety-related events to provide feedback to drivers. During the 13-week intervention phase, the feedback light on the event recorder was activated and safety managers had access to the recorded safety-related events and were recommended to follow a coaching protocol with drivers. The results suggest the combination of onboard safety monitoring and behavioral coaching were responsible for a reduction in the mean rate of safety-related events.

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U.S. Department of TransportationFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
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Evaluating the Safety Benefits of a Low-Cost Driving Behavior Management System in Commercial Vehicle Operations
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