Starkey, N.J. and S.G. Charlton
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A digital data collection company was contracted by the New Zealand Transport Agency to administer a survey to drivers throughout New Zealand. The survey explored the prevalence and frequency of drivers’ use of in-vehicle information systems (IVIS). IVIS refer to a range of electronic instruments and displays, including navigation devices and advisory systems, used by drivers to obtain a wide variety of trip information and guidance. In addition to exploring IVIS use, the survey also captured drivers’ attitudes regarding IVIS safety. The results were published in June 2018.

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Researchers from the University of Waikato in New Zealand provided a few recommendations given their results from two related studies. The first study examined the effects of an intelligent speed assistance/adaptation (ISA) mobile phone application on driving performance in a driving simulator. The second study examined the prevalence and perceptions of in-vehicle information system (IVIS) applications through a questionnaire completed by 1,017 New Zealand drivers. The researchers recommend that guidance to developers and drivers be developed with information on IVIS best practices. The final report was published in June 2018.

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University of Waikato
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Drivers’ response to warnings/information provided by in-vehicle informationsystems
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