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FORETELLTM was developed as a multi-state weather information network designed to reduce winter weather accidents by providing highway managers, trucking professionals, and transit operators with real-time and forecast roadway weather information derived from multiple sources. FORETELL collected weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS), Environment Canada, Road Weather Information System (RWIS) stations, and sensors at airports and agricultural sites. This data was input into advanced heat balance models to forecast road surface temperatures and predict when and where precipitation would melt, freeze, or blow off the road. The real-time weather data and advanced forecast information was made available to users via the Internet.

The FORETELL website provided a simple interface that detailed a Weather Display and a Road Display. The Weather Display detailed temperature, precipitation, dewpoint and humidity, wind, forecasted radar, clouds, atmospheric pressure, and accumulation totals. The Road Display detailed overall road condition, road pavement temperature, road dewpoint, road freeze point, and road snow depth. The Animate function (the most used feature on the FORETELL interface) showed how these parameters changed over time.

DOTs in Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin and Canada, collaborated to develop FORETELL as a multi-state weather information website. During the first year of operations (winter 2000), the Internet server supporting FORETELL had limited capacity; therefore, to preserve the system reliability, only highway maintenance operators were given access. During the second year (winter 2001) additional groups participated, including commercial vehicle operators, highway patrols, school administrators, transit operators, and traffic managers.

To reduce potential bias, care was taken not to promote or market the system to participants. In a number of training sessions, evaluators noted that highway maintenance operators were interested in exploring new ways to use the FORETELL data to improve road treatment strategies (e.g., plowing, spreading abrasives, and application of deicing agents).

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Final Report of the FORETELL Consortium Operational Test: Weather Information for Surface Transportation
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