Bertini, Robert L., et al.
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In Myrtle Creek, Oregon, the Department of Transportation prepared an evaluation of an advanced curve warning system (ACWS) deployed along a dangerous curve on Interstate 5. This warning system consisted of a radar unit for speed measurement and a dynamic message sign that displayed the speed of the vehicle. The evaluation report prepared in June, 2006 presents the results of a quantitative and qualitative before and after evaluation of a dynamic curve warning system deployed on both the northbound and southbound approach of I-5. Many of these deployments have been directed at improving truck safety for long downgrades or reducing rollover potential on curves. Despite additional warning signs and other modifications, some curves continued to exhibit higher than expected crash frequencies. ITS technologies such as advanced curve warning systems have the potential to enhance the effectiveness of static warning devices.

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Oregon DOT and U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration
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Field Evaluation of the Myrtle Creek Advanced Curve Warning System
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