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In 2003, the Minneapolis Department of Public Works made a request to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for help in assessing its operations. In recent years, the city of Minneapolis had experienced significant reductions in their traffic signal management and operation program, and these reductions have had a significant negative impact on the city's ability to deal with traffic congestion. The FHWA Minnesota Division engaged experts from the National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC) and the FHWA National Resource Center to perform the assessment. The NTOC had just completed the first draft of a self-assessment tool and was looking for test sites; the Minneapolis Department of Public Works agreed to be the pilot for the assessment in return for a thorough review of its operations.

The focus of this study is the Traffic Engineering Section of the Traffic and Parking Division of the Department of Public Works. The NTOC assessment team (a peer panel of experienced transportation officials) met with Minneapolis city personnel on February 19 and 20, 2004, and as part of their assessment, the team administered and discussed the self-assessment survey tool. The team also met with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to learn their view of the city operation.

Based on their findings, the NTOC assessment team offered the Minneapolis Department of Public Works a number of recommendations for how they might improve operations, and thus traffic conditions, in the city.

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National Transportation Operations Coalition Traffic Signal Action Team (NTOC)
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Assessment of City of Minneapolis Traffic Signal Management and Operations Program
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