Kellett, Jon; Raul Barreto; Anton Van Den Hengel; and Nik Vogiatzis
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Researchers in Adelaide, Australia surveyed commuters in downtown Adelaide to better understand ¬if and how commuters would use Autonomous Vehicles. Researchers carefully described how Autonomous Vehicles would function under ideal circumstances and then asked if they would use such a vehicle for daily commuting or other types of trips. They also asked respondents if whether they would sell their regular vehicle if an Autonomous Vehicles was available.

Researchers then fed the results of this survey into a traffic simulation model to better understand how Autonomous Vehicles would influence traffic patterns in Adelaide.

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DOI: 10.1080/08111146.2019.1674646
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Urban Policy and Research
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How Might Autonomous Vehicles Impact the City? The Case of Commuting to Central Adelaide
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