Hurwitz, David,
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This research evaluated the implementation of red-light extension (RLE) systems to reduce red-light running (RLR) and improve safety in Portland. An Initial field study was conducted to assess driver behavior and RLR characteristics at five intersections. The data collected were used to develop and calibrate a simulation model that could be used to evaluate alternative RLE solutions and assess detection and timing strategies at the US30 and Cornelius Pass Road intersection where a large number of RLR events and high operating speeds were common. Over the course of 24 hours of transcribed data at this intersection, 24 RLR vehicles were observed. On average, RLR vehicles proceeded through the intersection when they were approximately 64 ft from the stop line (0.821 sec) and when they were traveling at speeds considerably above the posted speed limit (58.4 mi/hr).

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Oregon DOT and the USDOT FHWA
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Smart Red Clearance Extensions to Reduce Red-Light Running Crashes
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