Mixon, Lee T. and Jeffrey Brown
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This project evaluated the use of weather related observations from Connected Vehicles and mobile data acquisition platforms such as Vehicle based Information and Data Acquisition System (VIDAS) to enhance transportation agency operations in Michigan. Environmental sensors were installed on Michigan DOT vehicles equipped with Connected Vehicle systems to enhance weather observations collected from fixed weather stations, and supplement data provided by other federal and state agencies across the state. The objective was to improve coverage where data gaps exist and provide more detailed information on local road weather conditions.

The solution implemented was designed to link Connected Vehicles to roadside units (RSUs) and intersection controllers, and then transmit the data to transportation management centers (TMCs). The data collected included ambient temperature, surface temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and dew point along with other vehicle data such as position, speed, and acceleration.

The size and scope of coverage was limited by requirements to have line-of-sight (LOS) Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) communications between vehicles and RSUs as well as the ability of the system to quickly process and transmit data to back-office systems.

The project demonstrated the viability of using Connected Vehicle systems and data to identify weather related threats and hazards. Combining this information with other fixed and mobile data can provide the additional coverage and details needed to ground truth local data during weather events.
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Michigan DOT (MDOT)
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Integrated Mobile Observations 3.0: Connected Vehicles for Road Weather Management - Project Summary Report
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