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On February 26, 1996, the United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) issued a request for participation in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Model Deployment Initiative (MDI). The MDIs were envisioned to be demonstrations and showcases of the measurable benefits resulting from the application of an integrated, region-wide approach to transportation management and the provision of traveler information services. The first model deployment initiative focused on metropolitan locations, and four metropolitan sites were selected: Phoenix, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Seattle Washington; and the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Metropolitan Area.

U.S. DOT analysts examined the institutional and other nontechnical impediments that public sector participants encountered in deploying ITS, changes made to address these impediments, benefits of making these pre-deployment changes, and the costs associated with them. They then analyzed this information with respect to its applicability to other metropolitan areas that are developing and deploying ITS. This led to the identification of nine approaches that were used successfully by the public sector participants at the MDI sites and other locations that representatives of other metropolitan areas may use to facilitate deployment.

  1. Develop a Regional Perspective
  2. Make ITS Visible
  3. Understand the Nuances of Partnering
  4. Plan for Long-term Operations and Management
  5. Develop a Regional Management Structure
  6. Facilitate ITS Within Your Organization
  7. Identify Appropriate Procurement Mechanisms
  8. Address Intellectual Property Rights Early
  9. Develop Written Policies
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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office
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Successful Approaches to Deploying a Metropolitan Intelligent Transportation System
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