An adaptive signal control system for 11 intersections in Greeley, CO was implemented for $905,500.

From a Colorado DOT comparison of two adaptive signal control system deployments

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The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) implemented two separate adaptive signal control systems, one in Region 2 and another in Region 4. This study was done as a comparison between two different technologies deployed in two different environments. In Region 2, the City of Greeley, in conjunction with CDOT installed InSync adaptive signals at 11 10th Street (US 34 Business) intersections. In Region 4, QuicTrac adaptive signals were installed at 8 intersections along US 24 in Woodland Park. These upgrades were made to meet the goals of the FHWA "Every Day Counts" initiative.

System Cost

With 11 adaptive signal controlled intersections, the cost of deploying active signal control in the 10th Street corridor was $905,500 ($82,300 per intersection), including updates to existing infrastructure that were necessary to install the InSync system. CDOT estimates that the additional upgrades that were undertaken in order to install this system cost $530,500, which would not necessarily be needed at all other intersections. The "minimal project" cost for just the "plug and play" installation of the InSync system for 11 intersections is estimated at $375,000 ($34,000 per intersection).

Upgrades to the existing system included the installation of larger signal controller cabinets at 5 intersections, upgraded communications in the form of a wireless radio network for communications between signals and the traffic operations center (TOC), InSync digital video detection system at all intersection approaches, conduit and pull boxes, and upgrades to the Greeley TOC.

Adaptive Signal Timing Comparison between the InSync and QuicTrac Adaptive Signal Systems Installed in Colorado

Adaptive Signal Timing Comparison between the InSync and QuicTrac Adaptive Signal Systems Installed in Colorado
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System Cost

Total Implementation Cost, with upgrades: $905,000; $82,300 per intersection Estimated implementation cost without upgrades: $375,000; $34,000 per intersection.

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