Benefits of Mobility as a Service: Evidence from the UbiGo MaaS pilot in Gothenburg, Sweden

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UbiGo was a public 6-month trial of a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) model, undertaken by project Go:smart, in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The project was developed as an attempt to create better conditions for sustainable travel by demonstrating how new business models and partnerships can reduce the need for private car ownership in favor of seamlessness, multimodality, and use of information technology. The UbiGo model achieved this through a web-based smartphone application that combines public transport, car sharing, rental car service, taxi and bike-sharing services all into one application and all on one service. The application provided 24/7 technical support, an "improved" travel guarantee and even bonuses for sustainable travel choices.

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Sochor, Jana
Chalmers University of Technology