Wallace, Richard R., et al.
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This report summarizes the results of a 1998 survey of transit riders in Ann Arbor, Michigan to assess the impact of several transit safety and security enhancements. The enhancements installed included on-board video surveillance, emergency phones, video cameras at transit centers, enhanced lighting at transfer centers, and increased police presence. Surveys were taken of riders on randomly selected routes at random times during weekday service.

It is important to note that the transit agency had made numerous previous improvements to enhance the safety of the system and that the system had an above average safety record. There were no reported violent crimes or property crimes during 1997 and only 3 arrests (2 for assault and 1 for fare evasion). Ratings provided by respondents were generally very high, indicating that the patrons felt safe on the system. Nevertheless, results of the survey indicate the ability of the various enhancements to improve transit riders perception of the safety and security of the system.
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Passenger Reactions to Transit Safety Measures
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