Demetsky, Michael J.; Park, B. Brian; Venkatanarayana, Ramkumar (UVA Center for Transportation Studies, Center for ITS Implementation Research)
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In 2001, the Hampton Roads Advanced Traveler Information System (HRATIS) public-private ITS integration project was completed and a first year evaluation report published. The HRATIS collects traffic and related information from multiple sources and fuses the data elements. It then distributes the information through various media to keep local residents apprised of traffic problems and serve as a route decision-making support tool for over-the-road carriers and area military transporters (the local port has a large import/export trade and naval base). This evaluation report describes the system, its evaluation plan, and preliminary results relating to safety, mobility, customer satisfaction, environmental, and cost-benefit analysis. Lessons learned are also presented and include technical issues, such as the high risk of using a standards-based data-exchange interface in this project. It also covers several institutional issues relating to the effect of rapidly changing technologies on project uncertainty and risk, and the difficulty that this can cause for contracting to private-sector providers.
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Center for Transportation Studies, University of Virginia
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Hampton Roads Advanced Traveler Information System (HRATIS) First Year Evaluation Report
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