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Section 1201 of the SAFETEA–LU requires the establishment of a Real-time System Management Information Program. This program consists of the development of systems that provide real time traffic and travel condition information on the major highways of the United States. The information provided by these systems should focus on: improvement of security of the surface transportation system, congestion issues, weather events, incident management, and to facilitate national and regional highway traveler information

In 2006 the Office of Operations of the Federal Highway Administration commissioned a report on the Best Practices for Traveler Information Web sites. The report provides information on the current state of the practice for traffic information Web sites and describes best practices highlighted by the developers of such Web sites in the United States for the past five years.

Agencies planning to upgrade their Web sites as part of the Section 1201 program have additional resources available to them, including the following sites:

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Office of OperationsFederal Highway AdministrationU.S. Department of Transportation
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Best Practices for Traveler Information Websites: Lessons Learned From Top Traffic and Transit Website Winners
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