Miller, S.; J. Rephlo; C. Armstrong; K. Jasper, K.; and G. Golembiewski
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Through the U.S. Department of Transportation's (U.S. DOT) SafeTrip-21 Initiative, the U.S. DOT tested a variety of technologies in a number of locations in California as well as along the I-95 corridor on the east coast. The work was summarized in a final report dated March 2011. This report presents the findings of the independent national evaluation of eight ITS applications. Part I of the report provides an overview of the initiative and the evaluation activities. Part II summarizes each application that was tested and the related evaluation findings. Part III synthesizes the evaluation findings across four topics relevant to the ITS community - collecting and using traffic conditions data, providing real-time traffic information to drivers, providing multi-modal travel information to travelers, and providing safety information to drivers.

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U.S. DOT Federal Highway Administration
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National Evaluation Of The Safetrip-21 Initiative: Combined Final Report
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