Crash frequency declined when an advanced traffic management system and an advanced traveler information system were integrated in Oakland County, Michigan.
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Preliminary Findings and Lessons Learned From The Fast-Trac IVHS Program

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Along with a neighboring county, Oakland County, Michigan, shares the strain of having the highest percentage of single-occupancy-vehicle use in the nation. Developed for Oakland County, FAST-TRAC's mission is to integrate ATMS & ATIS together and to provide synergistic benefits to travelers in the county. The program includes the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) for signal control, which became operational in Troy, Michigan on June 2, 1992. FAST-TRAC helps to relieve some of the problems experienced by the county, including improving safety, reducing delay, and improved operational efficiency.


By controlling traffic signals the program has improved safety by reducing accidents (particularly those resulting in severe injuries).

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