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In December 2009, the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) published a Market Data Analysis (MDA) White Paper, entitled North American Intelligent Transportation Systems: ITS Industry Sectors and State Programs. The White Paper presents the Phase 1 results of a two-phase study intended to develop accurate and comprehensive information about the breadth and size of the North American ITS market, including private sector revenues, state expenditures, and private and public ITS-related employment. Phase 1 included:
  • An initial survey of two states and the development of a methodology for surveying all 50 states and the District of Columbia to understand ITS priorities, expenditures, and strategies;
  • An parallel survey sent to 191 companies engaged in five selected ITS sectors, of which 53 company survey responses provided meaningful ITS data; and
  • Establishing a database to house this information to enable the understanding of ITS-related employment, revenues, and product lines.
This initial effort collected information from two states about their ITS expenditures and staffing and from 53 private sector ITS companies about their ITS revenues and employment. In Phase 1, we focused on five ITS sectors: (1) traffic signal and signal control systems; (2) auto manufacturer ITS-enabled mobility products/services; (3) ITS real-time data service related to traffic congestion; (4) transit (Automatic Vehicle Locator and transit signal priority only); and (5) automotive safety systems. With this information, ITS America began to populate a state and industry database.
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Intelligent Transportation Society of America
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North American Intelligent Transportation Systems: ITS Industry Sectors and State Programs – Market Data Analysis - Phase 1 White Paper
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