Harvey, J.; W. Guo; and S. Edwards
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The number of older people is set to increase across the developed world, making issues of mobility and transportation more relevant than ever. This is occurring in tandem with the emergence of new transportation technologies and business models, which have the potential of delivering significant benefits. However, if such products are inaccessible or overly complex, it is possible that they could be rejected by precisely the populations that would benefit from them. There are a number of key considerations and best practices for encouraging adoption of technology by older users that should be understood and adopted by those seeking to design or implement such transportation solutions.

Researchers from Newcastle University, funded by the United Kingdom's Department for Transport, interviewed 32 older people and 4 subject-matter experts to understand the challenges facing the creation and adoption of accessible transportation applications. A thematic analysis and summary was performed to understand key underlying areas of focus and to inform the creation of some best practices.
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Transportation Research Part F
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Increasing mobility for older travellers through engagement with technology
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