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There are many deployments of Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) around the country. While many ATIS deployments do a good job of describing the latest freeway conditions, few, if any, provide adequate information about conditions on the surrounding arterials. Furthermore, they have been particularly deficient in providing travel times for those critical travel networks that are formed by the combination of freeways and arterials.

In 2000 as part of the Model Deployment Initiative, San Antonio committed to pursuing integrated deployments of ITS designed to provide improved traveler information services along arterials. Using the existing ATIS to provide travel time information, the city chose to engage in a vehicle-tag project to collect travel speed data along arterials. A lessons learned document was developed describing San Antonio's experience.
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ITS Joint Program Office, FHWA, U.S. Department of Transportation
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Automated Vehicle Identification Tags in San Antonio: Lessons Learned from the Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative
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