Ullman,Gerald L.; Vichika Iragavarapu; and Robert E. Brydia
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An ongoing widening effort on Interstate 35 (I-35) through central Texas prompted TTI to assist TXDOT with implementing an end-of-queue (EOQ) warning system to help mitigate upstream end-of-queue crashes at work zone lane closures. The system consists of a highly-portable work zone ITS concept based on easily-deployable radar speed sensors (to minimize calibration requirements) that are linked to one or more portable changeable message signs (PCMS). Additionally, TxDOT opted to combine the portable work zone ITS concept with portable rumble strips whose tactile and auditory stimuli were estimated to be beneficial in gaining the attention of distracted drivers approaching a work zone lane closure.

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Safety Effects of Portable End-of-Queue Warning System Deployments at Texas Work Zones
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