Baron, William; Darryl Song; Joshua Hassol; and Frances Fisher
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The Cape Cod National Seashore (CACO) has undertaken a program to improve parking management at its beach parking lots and to provide information about parking availability to CACO visitors. In summer of 2013, as a first step toward deployment of the full Parking Management System (PMS) , the Volpe Center installed a pilot system at the Little Creek parking area that serves Coast Guard Beach. The pilot system was in operation for the duration of the summer season (through September 30).

Key components of the parking management system included:
  • Two passive, magnetometer-based vehicle sensors (inbound and outbound) to record passing vehicles as they enter and leave the parking area.
  • A software module that uses inbound and outbound vehicle count data from the vehicle sensors to track parking availability, and to predict what time the lot will be full. When deployed, the full parking management system will use this predictive information to issue "lot full" notices in advance of a given parking area actually being at capacity
  • A video camera and digital video recorder (DVR) to corroborate the data the vehicle sensors collected. The video camera captures time-stamped images of the parking lot at a rate of 1 frame per second, which are periodically downloaded onsite from the DVR and compared with sensor data from the same dates.
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Cape Cod National Seashore Parking Management System Pilot Synthesis
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