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In August 2002, the directors of the Ohio Departments of Public Safety and Transportation convened the Ohio Lane Closure Protocol Committee, a working group of stakeholders with the mutual goal of reducing the duration of incident-related road closures. The working group has developed a checklist for incident responders, and a best practices guide for incident management. The guide was developed from a literature review of other state and local agencies, Federal Highway Administration workshops, and input from numerous local Ohio agencies experienced with response to traffic incidents, clearance and recovery, and traffic management.

Traffic incidents pose three primary concerns:
  • Traffic congestion delay, including delay to emergency responders;
  • Increased risk of secondary crashes;
  • Risk to incident responders.

The goal of efficient incident management is to:
  • Reduce the duration of traffic incidents, without compromising effective investigation by law enforcement agencies.
  • Protect traffic incident responders by limiting their time at a scene.
  • Reduce the risk of secondary crashes.
  • Manage traffic around incidents to reduce congestion delay, and minimize the amount of traffic flowing past the incident scene.
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