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During inclement weather, drivers may know that conditions are generally worse than usual, but they still may make ill-advised decisions when presented with inaccurate, incomplete or vague weather advisories. More information about current and specific dangers can help drivers make better decisions about whether to travel. This report details operational and technical considerations for various aspects of plow camera and 511 image integration deployment. It also includes perspectives from plow drivers, their supervisors, management in charge of deploying this project and members of the public.


In 2015 and 2016, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) installed network video dash- and ceiling-mounted cameras on 226 snowplows, approximately one-quarter of MnDOT’s total snowplow fleet. The cameras were integrated with the onboard mobile data computer/automated vehicle location (MDC/AVL) equipment and automatically captured snapshots of road conditions during plowing. Images were sent to MnDOT’s server and then imported in near-real-time to the MnDOT 511 website and MnDOT mobile app for use by the traveling public.
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Installing Snowplow Cameras and Integrated Images into MnDOT's Traveler Information System
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