System costs for maintenance vehicle AVL systems were projected for upstate California; capital costs for on-board equipment were estimated at $5,000 to $15,000 per vehicle.

Caltrans integrates ITS applications into the California Regional ITS Plan.

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Summary Information

This research identified strategies to integrate ITS applications into the California Regional ITS Plan over the next ten years. Estimates of initial capital costs and ongoing annual operations and maintenance costs were derived from an analysis of data in the national ITS Costs databases and input from Caltrans staff.

ITS Functional Element: Maintenance Fleet Tracking

  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) Systems. AVL applications track the location of maintenance and construction vehicles and other equipment to ascertain progress of field activities. Checks can include ensuring the correct roads are being plowed and that work activity is being performed at the correct locations. Location information can also be used by dispatchers to allocate maintenance vehicles efficiently in response to incidents and emergencies.
    • Capital Cost:
      • $5,000 to $15,000 per vehicle (assumes some retrofitting necessary).
    • O&M Cost:
      • $1,000 per vehicle per year.
System Cost

2005 Operations: $2.4 million.