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As cities around the world grapple with seemingly insatiable travel demand, simply expanding roadway capacity to meet demand is no longer a viable solution. Thus, many cities have turned to newer, technology-based solutions to mitigate demand for travel.

One such solution is congestion pricing. Congestion pricing involves setting up a cordon zone around a certain area in a city, usually the Central Business District, and then charging vehicles that enter the cordon zone a toll during certain times of the day. Cities utilize electronic tolling technology to setup the cordon zones and charge vehicles. Currently, Singapore, London, United Kingdom, Stockholm, Sweden, Milan, Italy, and Gothenburg, Sweden have active congestion pricing schemes, with several other cities actively studying the concept.

This meta-study conducted a careful review of available data and literature on the five currently active congestion pricing schemes around the world. This study relied on publicly available data about each congestion pricing scheme and previous studies of these congestion pricing schemes.

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Downtown Congestion Pricing in Practice
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