Nick Owens (SAIC), et al
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The Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) - Traffic Management Center (TMC) Integration Field Operations Test in Utah report provides details about the integration of the Utah Highway Patrol (UHP), the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), the Salt Lake City Fire and Police Departments, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), and the Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC) information systems to enable the real-time exchange of incident data. The FOT was designed to demonstrate how the integration of CAD and TMC systems can improve incident response capabilities and how institutional barriers can be overcome. Through the CAD-TMC system, an integrated transportation and public safety incident management information network was developed and implemented for enhanced information-sharing capabilities between multiple incident management response agencies across multiple jurisdictions.

The report presents a results summary regarding the system performance and system impact during the FOTs. Institutional and technical challenges were also assessed; however, they are completely qualitative in nature. The quantitative system performance benefits are found below, other findings can be found in the full report.

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The Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) - Traffic Management Center (TMC) Integration Field Operations Test in the State of Utah document discusses evaluation findings for the CAD-TMC integration in the state of Utah. Utah has a very good reputation in the US for responding to and managing traffic incidents. Utah was fortunate to have such an active program in place prior to the field test. A joint process for handling incidents had been developed and refined over several years and included access to 911/CAD information for all types of incidents.

Qualitative data were collected through interviews with and observations of the following agencies:

  • Utah Department of Transportation
  • Utah Highway Patrol
  • Utah Department of Public Safety
  • Utah Transit Authority
  • Valley Emergency Communications Center
  • Salt Lake City Police Department

The lessons presented herein are intended to serve as a general guidance for other states to consider when planning similar CAD-TMC integration projects. The intent is to help states proactively identify issues that may impact deployment cost, schedule, and technical performance, and reflect the lessons learned by Utah during the FOT.

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Prepared by SAIC for the USDOT FHWA
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Computer-Aided Dispatch – Traffic Management Center Field Operational Test: State of Utah Final Report.
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