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The Changeable Message Sign Operation and Messaging Handbook is written for personnel in state, regional, and local transportation agencies that have responsibility for the operation of and/or message design for large permanent changeable message signs (CMSs) or portable CMSs. The term changeable message sign (CMS) is synonymous with dynamic message sign (DMS) and variable message sign (VMS); the terms CMS and DMS are both used interchangeably in this lessons learned entry. The Handbook is designed to help both new and experienced users of CMSs at various levels of the agency including a) entry level personnel, b) personnel very experienced with traffic operations, and c) managers. It provides very specific information for entry-level personnel, reminders for experienced personnel, and higher-level information for managers regardless whether or not they work in one of the traffic management centers in the state.

CMSs are playing increasingly important roles in attempts to improve highway safety, operations, and use of existing facilities. CMSs are traffic control devices used for traffic warning, regulation, routing and management, and are intended to affect the behavior of drivers by providing real-time traffic-related information.

The Changeable Message Sign Operation and Messaging Handbook is a consolidation of the most current and best information on the design and display of effective changeable message sign (CMS) messages for incident and roadwork events. The information was obtained from previous CMS message design and display manuals, more recent research reports, and current state CMS operations manuals, operational procedures, and best practices.

The purpose of the Handbook is to provide guidance to assist agencies with improving the design and display of CMS messages and improving CMS operational procedures. The Handbookcontains the process that can be followed and the techniques that are used to develop effective messages.
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Changeable Message Sign Operation and Messaging Handbook
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