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The Phoenix, Arizona Metropolitan Model Deployment was one of four cities included in the Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative (MMDI). The initiative was set forth in 1996 to create model deployments of ITS infrastructure and integration. One of the goals of the MMDI was to disseminate information on the lessons learned from the deployments to assist other cities which may be considering using and/or integrating ITS.

The goals of Phoenix's Metropolitan Model Deployment effort — called "AZTech" — are to provide improved safety and regional mobility through enhanced traffic management and regional, multimodal traveler information. The Roadway Closure and Restriction System (RCRS) is a method by which improved regional traveler information can be gathered and disseminated. The intent of this report is to present a project description and lessons learned from the Roadway Closure and Restriction System, one of the 15 projects deployed as part of AZTech. The main lesson learned relating to the RCRS is that agencies should consider reconfiguring and integrating existing roadway management IT systems whenever possible to save costs associated with implementing new systems.

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Phoenix's Roadway Closure and Restriction System
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