Jackson, D. W., Burger, C., Cotton, B., Linthicum, A., Mejias, L., Regan, T., and Filosa, G.
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The Federal Transit Administration sponsored a study to provide federal guidance to transit agencies on current and future trends in the application of traveler information technologies as a means to expand transit agency deployments of these tools, which may result in an increase in transit ridership. The study provides a technology evaluation that:

  • Offers an understanding of wayfinding technologies and describes products and services.
  • Provides an overview of the benefits of these technologies and services for transit agencies and users.
  • Identifies challenges experienced by transit agencies regarding the use and implementation of wayfinding technologies, and gaps that exist in current technologies.
  • Identifies user needs to achieve broader deployment of wayfinding technologies by transit agencies.
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Transportation related information technologies including those installed in vehicles, on personal mobile devices, or as part of the infrastructure—have grown significantly in the past several years, leading to increased consumer expectations for easily accessible and instantaneous traveler and wayfinding information. The purpose of this study is to provide an assessment of current and future transportation trends in the application of traveler information technologies as a means to expand transit agencies’ deployments of these tools. The final report features recommendations and lessons learned based on study of existing technologies and deployments as well as agency interviews nationwide.

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USDOT, Federal Transit Administration
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Traveler Information Systems and Wayfinding Technologies in Transit Systems: Summary of State-of-the-Practice and State-of-the-Art
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