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TravTIPS (Travel and Transportation Information and Personalized Service) was a project initiated and funded by the I-95 Corridor Coalition (I-95 CC) to deploy a corridor-wide Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) on Interstate 95 (I-95). I-95 is the main highway on the East Coast, stretching from Maine to Florida, and subject to significant congestion and inefficiencies, particularly in the highly urbanized northern segments. The I-95 CC concluded that a corridor-wide, multimodal traveler information system consisting of timely and accurate information would advance safety and efficiency goals. Further, at the time the consensus was that an Internet-based system would generate enough advertising revenue to be profitable and sustainable. Thus, in March 1999 the I-95 CC began a field operational test (FOT) of TravTIPS to evaluate the feasibility of a corridor-wide traveler information system that would be financially sustainable. The FOT was terminated in 2000.

The intention was for TravTIPS to provide integrated traveler information about multiple transportation modes on various venues, from the Internet, to kiosks in Penn Station (NYC) and South Station (Boston), as well as via wireless applications and specialized corporate services. By integrating information from a range of sources such as AccuWeather, MapQuest, Amtrak, emergency services and others, TravTIPS would inform travelers of changing conditions and travel options, enabling them to plan more efficiently.

The deployment of TravTIPS did not produce the desired outcomes. Only the Internet portion was deployed, which did not lead to revenue, and by 2000, the vendor elected to terminate its contract with I-95 CC and the FOT ended. The evaluation of the TravTIPS FOT revealed problems in planning and deployment that serve now as lessons learned for ATIS as well as for other types ITS projects.
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