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The I-394 corridor in Minneapolis, Minnesota is one of the US DOT's Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Phase 2 Pioneer sites. As one of the Pioneer sites, the corridor utilizes analysis, modeling and simulation (AMS) tools and strategies to assess the impact of deploying ICM technologies on the corridor. This analysis allows Minnesota DOT (MnDOT) to see where potential gaps in their strategy may be, as well as examining which traffic situations have the greatest benefit from ICM in order to provide supporting technical documentation to the elected officials that decide to fund the projects.

I-394 is the major East-West corridor that runs from Minneapolis' western suburbs to the Central Business District. This commuter corridor has HOT lanes and general purpose lanes, along with intersecting freeways and parallel arterials. Buses and transit also operate along this corridor.

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Integrated Corridor Management: Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation for the I-394 Corridor in Minneapolis, Minnesota
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