M. Jensen , M. Williamson , R. Sanchez, A. Newton, C. Mitchell, and Mark Hallenbeck
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In mid-1999, the USDOT awarded the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) along with public and private partners to conduct a Field Operational Test (FOT) of freight ITS technologies in the Puget Sound region. The primary purpose of the FOT was to demonstrate the use of electronic seals (E-seals) as a means to track and monitor the security of containerized freight moving throughout the United States and across the Canadian border. However, the FOT also included a smaller-scale test of freight congestion management systems at the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle. An independent assessment of the systems at each port used a case study approach, due to the relatively limited quantitative data and clear before and after conditions. However, the assessment identified important lessons learned in each case.
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United States Department of Transportation
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WSDOT Intermodal Data Linkages Freight ITS Operational Test Evaluation Final Report - Part 2: Freight ITS Traffic Data Evaluation.
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