Costs to upgrade and redesign the Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative traveler information Web site was $135,782.

From the Phoenix MMDI Evaluation Report: Subsection 4.2 Trailmaster Web Site and Roadway Closure and Restriction System Web Page

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During the Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative (Phoenix MMDI), the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) upgraded its Trailmaster traveler information website. As part of the AZTech project, system hardware and software were upgraded, and the website was redesigned. The Trailmaster Internet server provided for an increased number of visitors, and high-end video cards were installed to enable live traffic video feeds. The website was redesigned to allow visitors to navigate the website more easily, and access the new features made available through AZTech, such as the Roadway Closure and Restriction System webpage.

The upgraded Trailmaster server was able to receive data from the AZTech server which processed and forwarded data from CCTV cameras, dynamic message signs, the freeway management system, and the Roadway Closure and Restriction System. The project team estimated the cost of the original Trailmaster website was about 10 times more than the cost of the redesign since the server only had to be upgraded and not replaced, and the website was modified and not programmed from scratch. The start-up costs for the Trailmaster website was $135,782. Although the redesign costs were kept low, significant costs were built into the operations and maintenance (O&M) budget to allow for high speed communications (T-1 backbone) access, web page administration, and replacement of the server every two years for quality control. Annual O&M costs were $116,551. Surveillance costs are not included in the project costs.

Equipment Description (Trailmaster Website)
Unit Cost
Start-up Cost
O&M Cost
Server Upgrade
High-End Video Cards
Misc. Parts
Software Licenses
Web Page Design (250 hours)
Server, Hardware, Software & Web Design Upgrade
Web Page Administration Labor (416 hours)
Communication Costs (T1 line and ISP services)
AZTech Server Shared (4.2%)

Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative Evaluation Report

Phoenix Metropolitan Model Deployment Initiative Evaluation Report
Publication Sort Date
C. Zimmerman (Battelle), et. al.
Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT
Other Reference Number
Report No. FHWA-OP-00-015

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System Cost

Cost: $135,782 (1998). Annual O&M cost: $116,551 (1998).