The cost to deploy a Wrong-Way driver countermeasures system covering 15 miles of US-281 in San Antonio was estimated at $377,605.

A Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) conference presentation.

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San Antoniio
United States

Summary Information

This project budgeted $500,000 to implement pilot Wrong-Way countermeasures selected by the San Antonio Wrong-Way Driver Task Force at 28 exit ramps and four mainlane locations. The countermeasures included detection and illuminated warning signs when activated. The task force had identified high risk locations and investigated prior research and countermeasures before testing and beginning installation in 2012. Initial pilot results were presented based on 14 months of results, and later an update provided longer term analysis from 44 months of data. Total project costs came in under budget at $377,605.

The estimated budget for a typical exit ramp location was $14,000 and $40,000 for each mainlane location. See detailed cost estimates below.

  • Exit Ramps
    • LED Wrong-Way sign with solar panel = $1,988
    • LED Wrong-Way sign with Radar & solar panel = $5,340
    • Prices are for existing sign mounts.
    Typical Ramp Installation = $14,000


  • Mainlane System
    • 2 LED Wrong-Way signs = $3,996
    • 2 Blank Out Signs = $16,400
    • 1 HD Radar Detector = $6,400
    • 1 contact closure radio link = $4,010
    • Additional electronic components = $1,430.
    Typical Mainlane System = $40,000


System Cost

$377,605 (in 2013 USD)