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The Minnesota Department of Transportation in partnership with local agencies launched the integrated corridor transportation management (ICTM) project in 1994 to improve capacity and operations along an 8-mile corridor south of the Twin Cities. The ICTM project deployed advanced technology and employed an integrated management approach to corridor management. Project technologies included control systems for adaptive ramp metering, adaptive arterial traffic signals, a motorist information system using dynamic signage to direct traffic during incidents and surveillance systems. The evaluation of the project gathered quantitative and qualitative data from field observations, automated databases, and ICTM system users, and identified several benefits in corridor traffic operations and management. Drawing clear "before/after" conclusions on the outcomes of the ICTM was difficult due to the myriad of changes that had occurred along the corridor during the 5-year period of deployment (such as a rapid growth in population and housing, road expansion and building, etc.). Nonetheless, the evaluation report outlined key system impacts and lessons learned.

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To address the growing congestion levels in the Twin Cities area, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT), in partnership with Hennepin County and the cities of Bloomington, Richfield and Edina, launched the integrated corridor traffic management (ICTM) project as a field operational test (FOT) in 1994. The purpose of the ICTM project was to increase corridor capacity along an 8-mile section of the Interstate-494 south of the Twin Cities by installing an integrated system of adaptive ramp metering, adaptive traffic signals, and motorist information and surveillance systems. The conclusion from the evaluation report was that the ICTM project produced improvements to traffic operations and the use of capacity. One of the most important outcomes was the emergence of a strong, cross-jurisdictional partnership that continued collaborating to improve corridor operations, even after the completion of the ICTM project.

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Integrated Corridor Traffic Management Final Evaluation Report
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