Special Topic Deployment Surveys - Statewide ITS Systems

The Statewide ITS System surveys were administered to State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) in 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2007.

The surveys asked agencies to provide statewide information on the following ITS systems:

  • Crash Prevention and Safety
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Traveler Information
  • Weather Systems

In 2002, subsystems for each of these ITS systems is presented as a separate tab in the data file. In addition, for any given system , states may have deplo yed multiple systems, and each of these seprate systems will appear as a separate record. For example, the Illinois State DOT reported 49 Environmental Warning Subsystems in Crash Prevention and Safety systems survey, so there are 49 records (rows) related Crash Prevention and Safety for Illinois.

Below are the Statewide ITS survey and data files:

Survey Year Survey Link Data Link
2002 2002_StatewideITS_Surveys.pdf 2002_StatewideITS_Data.xlsx
2004 2004_StatewideITS_Surveys.pdf 2004_StatewideITS_Data.xlsx
2006 2006_StatewideITS_Surveys.pdf 2006_StatewideITS_Data.xlsx
2007 2007_StatewideITS_Surveys.pdf 2007_StatewideITS_Data.xlsx


Common questions across all years of Statewide ITS Systems surveys: Statewide ITS-Common_Survey_Questions.xlsx