Special Topic Deployment Surveys - Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) located within the DTS’s large and medium sized metropolitan areas were surveyed in 1999, 2000, and 2004 to better understand their ITS planning and coordination efforts.  

Survey Year Survey Link Data Link
1999 1999_MetropolitanPlanningOrganization_Survey.pdf 1999_MetropolitanPlanningOrganization_Data.xlsx
2000 2000_MetropolitanPlanningOrganization_Survey.pdf 2000_MetropolitanPlanningOrganization_Data.xlsx
2004 2004_MetropolitanPlanningOrganization_Survey.pdf 2004_MetropolitanPlanningOrganization_Data.xlsx

Common questions across all years of MPO surveys:  Metropolitan Planning Organization -Common Survey Questions.xlsx