Cost Savings, Transparency, Innovation: TCRP Report Highlights Benefits of Open Data.

The report analyzes current practices and notes the many potential perks enjoyed by agencies committed to the concept of data sharing.

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Data Sharing Guidance for Public Transit Agencies Now and in the Future

Summary Information

The Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration, conducted a project to identify models for the sharing of public transit agency data. The full report is intended to provide a "how-to" guide for agencies preparing for data sharing, including benefits, general sources of expense, and potential risks to the process. The report was assembled through interviews with industry professionals and informational review.

Major benefits identified by the TCRP team related to data sharing were as follows:

  • Promoting transparency and increasing awareness of an agency and its engagement with customers.
  • Spurring innovation and supporting research to help agencies plan services and operate efficiently.
  • Enabling cost savings for transit agencies by leveraging outside resources for data processing.
  • Generating revenue, for example through advertising.
  • Supporting improved customer information.
  • Facilitating multiagency and multimodal mobility solutions.
  • Supporting benchmarking activities that help agencies track and improve on their performance. 
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