A Proof-of-Concept System to Provide V2I Smartphone-based Curve Speed Warnings was Developed in a Research Project that Cost under $80,000.

The project added curve locations in two Minnesota counties as a layer in an existing Geographic Roadway Inventory Tool and added cloud wireless access using a common smartphone map application interface.

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Minnesota Department of Transportation sponsored a research project to develop a prototype dynamic curve speed warning application using cloud-based V2I communications. The system consisted of a smartphone driver-interface that utilized a common map application interface to access curve information using cellular communications. The curve information for Otter Tail and Pope Counties was stored as an additional layer in an existing multi-state roadway inventory database. As the vehicle approached a curve in the database, the smartphone application would visually display the advisory speed, and assess the GPS speed and direction to issue an alert if the vehicle was found to be exceeding the curve advisory speed.

Although the system was developed as a proof-of-concept and lacked a refined driver interface, the project team was able to successfully verify the correct operation of the prototype at various curve locations in two counties in Minnesota. The project conducted a comparative cost assessment to conventional infrastructure-based curve speed warning installations which require field power and equipment.

  • The research project cost of $80,000 covered curve locations in Otter Tail and Pope Counties in Minnesota.
  • Authors calculated that the amount expended on the research project would fund approximately six traditional dynamic curve speed warning sites.

The cost to maintain the warning application software and the online warning location database was stated as being offset by the maintenance costs that would be incurred for traditional infrastructure.

System Cost

Prototype for cloud-based dynamic curve warnings on smartphones for two counties: $80,000

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