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A curbside management app in the City of Columbus charges commercial vehicle operators 10 cents for up to five minutes in a loading zone and then 2 cents per minute thereafter.

Columbus, Ohio enters 12-month pilot with curbside management app.

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The City of Columbus has partnered with the curbFlow company to pilot an app that will help coordinate pickups and deliveries in busy areas where drivers often double-park because there is not enough curb space. The curbFlow app launched in November 2019 allows commercial drivers and companies such as FedEx and UPS to reserve curb space at nine locations. Local city officials report the 12-month pilot program is about making city streets safer by eliminating hazards, improving traffic flow, and making time spent by delivery drivers more productive.


The curbFlow app enables delivery vehicles to reserve curb space at a cost of 10 cents for up to five minutes and then 2 cents per minute thereafter. Agency officials reported that 70 percent of system revenues will go to the City and 30 percent will go to the curbFlow company.

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