Implementation of electronic logging devices in commercial vehicles with onboard communications devices to cost $5 to $10 per vehicle.

A review of low-cost electronic logging device (ELD) applications for fleet vehicles.

Made Public Date

Enforcement of rules mandating electronic logging of commercial vehicle activities with electronic logging devices (ELDs) by drivers and fleets is due to begin in September 2017.


Implementation of ELDs in vehicles with existing onboard communications systems is incremental, about $5 to $10 per vehicle. The low price is due in part from the ability to use smartphones and tablets in conjunction with onboard communication devices to satisfy the ELD mandate. As the date of enforcement grows nearer, it is reported that increasingly more affordable options are reaching the market that are compliant with the ELD mandate for both vehicles with and without existing onboard communications.

System Cost

ELDs cost $5 to $10 per vehicle with existing onboard communication devices.