The cost to operate the Capital Bikeshare program in Arlington, VA was estimated at $2 Million per year.

The January 2018 update to the Arlington County Capitol Bikeshare Transit Development Plan.

Made Public Date

Since 2010, the Capital Bikeshare service has connected a network of over 500 stations via 4,300 bicycles across several jurisdictions in the Washington, DC area including Arlington County, VA. Within Arlington County, Capitol Bikeshare operates 92 stations and 698 bicycles. Arlington County reported on operating costs for the service in its annual Summary Report on Capitol Bikeshare.

The report uses Capital Bikeshare system reported statistics on Arlington County ridership and trip length as well as reporting additional performance metrics:

  • Average calories burned per trip (calculated based on trip length)
  • Total calories burned by Arlington County residents (calculated by multiplying total number of trips taken by Arlington County residents by average calories burned)
  • Ridership growth (system reported based on trip origin)
  • Number of trips originating or ending in Arlington, and the length of trips that originated in the county (system reported based on trip origin)
  • Number of reported collisions involving bikeshare bicycles and number of unrecovered thefts, both within Arlington and system-wide (system reported).

FY2017 Operating Expenditures



System Operations
Management and Marketing




User Revenue

The overall cost recovery ratio (the portion of operating expenses covered by user revenue and private sponsorships) in FY2017 was 49 percent. Arlington County has a goal to minimize operating costs while providing an effective service at the regional and local levels.


System Cost

$2,064,000 to operate a 92-station bikesharing service with approximately 700 bicycles.